10 Health Benefits of Video Games

I suspect that no other art form is as bipolar and triggers as much division in humanity as video games: although, on the one hand, it has avid fans all over the world, there are those more skeptical who blame video games for certain acts of violence, exhaustion mental, anti-social behavior and other psychological disorders.

President Donald Trump recently blamed video games for the various shootings that have taken place in American schools, indicating them as the main reason for the tragedy that happened a few months ago in Florida – bringing up again the long debate over the possible relationship between video games and errant behaviors. Even the World Health Organization – as Eurogamer reported here – added the addiction of video games to the list of mental illnesses, a decision that left gamers around the world with some reservations.

A small note that is important to note: this article does not aim to defend video games blindly. Yes, like any other aspect of this world, if not properly controlled, addiction to video games can be dangerous (even fatal) and, in such cases, the intervention of specialists is recommended to help control the situation. The key word here is “addiction” and, whatever the circumstances, it is always dangerous. Still, you cannot see this article as an excuse to play video games all day – moderation and limitation must be taken into account. Video games have warnings for people who have photo-sensitivity and, in the case of 3D and virtual reality, warnings to stop and rest are frequent.

However, the benefits of video games for humans can be gigantic (something that the media seems to want to forget) and, more importantly, more and more studies are being done in this direction, trying to use video games as a way of therapy for physical or mental problems that the human being may have. It is good to warn about the care that should be taken with video games, but one should also celebrate the advantages that they can bring – and, in this respect, the balance is very unbalanced. With that in mind, you can read below some of the good influences that video games can have on human beings, always taking into account the sources of these theories. Keep in mind, however, that this is an area in constant change and there are still many disparities and doubts on this subject.

10. Video games make better surgeons

At a hospital in Florida, the chief surgeon decided to conduct a very interesting experiment: using a sample of 300 surgeons, Dr. James Rosser divided it into two categories: half, played a variety of video games for 6 minutes before the operation, games that included Super Monkey Ball on the Gamecube or Super Monkey Ball 2 on the Nintendo Wii while the rest did not play anything.

Result: those who played video games obtained better results for virtual patients in the surgery simulator. “Surgeons who played video games in the past for more than three hours a week made 37% fewer mistakes, were 27% faster and generally behaved 26% better than those who did not,” the study reveals. “The reduction in errors is the aspect that will have the greatest impact on patient safety.”

Therefore, Rosser compares the surgeon to playing video games before the operation to the warm-up that an athlete does before the race – better motor skills, eye-hand coordination, visual attention and depth perception are some of the advantages that can be associated with this practice . You can read the full study here.

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