40-year-old man arrested for sending death threats to Square Enix offices in Japan

A 40-year-old man was arrested late last week for sending death threats to Square Enix’s offices in Japan. The reason? I was losing in a game.

According to Japanese media, the man sent an email to Square Enix in which he threatened to “repeat the Kyoto Animation thing” at the company’s office in Shinjuku, Tokyo (via Siliconera).

Source: FNN.

On July 18, 35 people died after a fire started at the Kyoto Animation offices in the Fushimi area.

“Give me my money back on your g******g s**t,” the man allegedly wrote in the mail to Square Enix. “Do you want a repeat of Kyoto Animation?”

Upon his arrest, the man told police that he was “pissed off about losing the game, so I sent the mail.” The game he was referring to has not transcended, but it seems to be for mobile devices.

This is the second arrest for death threats against Square Enix in 2019. Last February a 25-year-old nursing worker threatened company employees because he could not get an item in a game despite spending more than 1,500 euros .

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