A bug in Google Takeout caused other people’s videos to appear when exporting Google Photos videos

To download all the photos and videos from Google Photos there are two options: do it one by one through the Google Photos website or go to Google Takeout, request all the files in a compressed format (.zip, .rar, etc. ) and download all files in one go. This system, during the last days of November, was affected by a bug that caused videos of other people appear in these compressed files.

As some Twitter and Reddit users showed, Google sent an email to users affected by this bug in which they warned that between November 21 and November 25, 2019 “Some videos in Google Photos were incorrectly exported to the files of other unrelated users. One or more videos in your Google Photos account have been affected by this problem.” This, currently, has already been resolved.

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– Jon Oberheide (@jonoberheide) February 4, 2020

They claim from Google that this bug affected the Google Takeout service, which is used to export all content saved on Google. It has only affected users who exported their Google Photos files between the days mentioned above and only videos, not photos. In a nutshell, some users who did this process have received videos from other people and these, in turn, videos of other users.

On the other hand, from Google they invite you to delete the backup received and request a new one, since andThe file will be incomplete, since your own videos may be missing and there may be other people’s videos. They point out, in turn, that the problem has already been solved and they apologize for any incident that this problem may have caused. From SamaGame we have contacted Google and this has been the statement we have received:

“We are notifying our users about an error that may have affected those who used Google Takeout to export their Google Photos content between November 21-25. These users may have received an incomplete file or videos (not photos), they weren’t yours. We’ve fixed the underlying issue and done an in-depth analysis to prevent this from happening again. We are very sorry for any potential inconvenience. “

The Mountain View company has confirmed that less than 0.01% of users who used Google Takout during these five days have been affected by the failure. The total figure has not been disclosed, although taking into account that Google Photos has a thousand million users, even 0.01% is a figure to take into account.