Destiny 2 – which console looks best?

In connection with the beta, a lot of footage was released from Destiny 2, which also provided an opportunity to compare the visual world experienced on different consoles.

The beta of Destiny 2 is already underway, which has given not only the opportunity for players to discover easter eggs, but primarily for fans to enjoy the gameplay and visuals of the sequel. In connection with this, several comparative videos were made, so we can compare the visual worlds of three consoles.

The Digital Foundry team compared the standard PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro running versions, while Cycu1 cut Sony’s more powerful machine next to the Xbox One S image. Watching the videos – though, compressing YouTube as usual makes things a little harder – though, we have to realize that the visuals of Destiny 2 don’t show huge differences on the three machines. The standard PS4 keeps 30 fps fairly stable at native 1080p resolution, while the Pro does it upscaling to 4K. In the case of volumetric light effects, however, even the strongest bracket of the three is in trouble, and we often see saw edges.

Which platform are you planning to Destiny?

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  • Developer: Bungie
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Action, FPS
  • Appearance: 09/06/2017

Continuing Bungie’s successful online FPS, Destiny 2 once again invites players and their Guardians to fight a new evil and army, the Red Legion.

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