[HOT] : Fortnite season 8: discover the locations of the ice machines!

Much has changed following the “departure” of the Aliens from the Fortnite map. However, many elements remain unchanged in the battle royal of Epic Games. Proof of this is with ice makers, always loyal to the post.


You are not unaware that the game offers many new features to his players almost every week. Whether through the skins or in particular the missions. And missions, there are a lot of them every time.

New NPCs have appeared in Fortnite and you must meet their expectations in order to earn a maximum of XP and complete your battle pass. Fortunately, many media, and especially GameWave, provide solutions to succeed.

Indeed, you have probably already stuck in front of a challenge by not knowing where to look to find a requested item. The media has just dedicated an article to help players find the ice makers which are of paramount importance.

First, know that they allow you to collect fish to gain VP. But on top of that, they go also allow to succeed in a challenge entrusted by Gosier. The latter, asking you to search a machine for a quest.

Certainly, the items are found in almost all parts. Nevertheless, we easily forget where they can be. We therefore advise you to take a look at the map below to know their location.

This will allow you to avoid wasting time looking for hours on the Fortnite map and complete the challenge as quickly as possible. Our colleagues, even giving some details on where you should focus your research.


While there are several places to look, some prove to be more prolific than others. Notamment Believer Beach. Indeed, GameWave let know: “Without great surprise, we find a gaggle at Believer Beach, which is close to the sea”.

The media also making it known that other places were perfect to search in Fortnite: ” but also to Mistry Meadows. This is where you’ll find the most in the same area. But the path of the bus does matter.

Given that the media indicated that according to his route, it was possible to avoid meeting too many players. And, therefore, to die before you even start your research. A place will allow you to avoid meeting rivals:

However, if you wish to validate your challenge according to the trajectory of the combat bus or else avoid a place with people, you can always opt for the ice machines present in the Orchard, to its north, to the Viking ship or at Weeping Woods. In short, you will have a choice. “

You now know how to better focus your research to succeed in this Fortnite quest. It remains to be seen if other players will have read this guide. And if so, you may all cross paths during your next games.