Among the various bugs encountered on Snowrunner, the most problematic of all concerns saving the game. many players have simply lost their save, received a message informing them that their save was corrupted or lost some vehicles …

The game teams are obviously aware of these bugs and are working on them. Hopefully the update 5.0 will fix these issues permanently on all platforms. Also note that update 5.0 will bring a new functionality since we will then be able to have several different backups.

In the immediate future, find below some tips to avoid any backup problem on snowrunner.

How to recover lost backup on PC?

On PC, first know that your game is automatically saved both on the Epic Games cloud but also locally, on your computer, and it is this second solution that will help us protect our backups.

To locate your backups, follow the following path : C:Usersmon_nomDocumentsMy GamesSnowRunnerbasestorage.

This is where all your current and past backups are stored. In the “storage” folder you will indeed find two types of backups:

  • Your current (last) save is kept in the first folder whose name changes for each player (“2dc611112cc74c66be33152ad4984fbe” for me for example as you can see on the screen of my save file, for you the sequence of characters will be different).
  • Your past backups are kept in the second “backupSlots” folder.
  • As you can see on the screen above, several old backups are kept and you have their date information in the middle column. However, it is impossible to tell you how often the game creates a “save save”, but it seems quite frequent.

    If you have a problem with your save (for example if your game tells you that it is corrupted or that you have lost all your progress), here are the steps to follow to recover it:

  • Start by making a copy of all the files of your current backup (on your desktop for example), as a precaution. As a reminder, your current backup is located in C: Users my_name Documents My Games SnowRunner base storage your_number.
  • Copy all the files found in the folder of an old backup (obviously prefer the last one) by going to the “backupSlots” folder.
  • Paste these files in place of those present in your current backup and make “replace all”.
  • Everything that has been done since the moment of this last save will of course be lost, but it is better to lose a day or two of play than to start from scratch.

    How to avoid any backup problem on PC?

    If now you want to avoid any PC backup problem, and thus avoid losing your game, here is a little rather artisanal advice that works well.

    As said above, the game regularly makes “backups of your backups” in the “backupSlots” file but at an unknown rate. Sometimes there can be a day, two days, three days… before a backup.

    So if you want to avoid any problem, I advise you to make a daily backup (for example on your desktop) of your backup files located in “C: Users my_name Documents My Games SnowRunner base storage your_number”.

    By doing this, if you have any problem, you will just have to copy / paste your last saved save and you will only lose one day of play at most.

    What about console backup issues?

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the game on PS4 or Xbox, so it’s impossible for me to tweak on console to see if we can also protect a minimum of its backups. By doing various research, I did not find a satisfactory method.

    If you have the game on console and you have a technique, do not hesitate to add it as a comment or to post it on our social networks facebook and twitter so I can update the article.

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