When you approach within 150 meters of a target, the module will beep and when you approach within 15 meters, you can activate it. Once the three targets have been validated, accept the following contract Beyond the horizon by equipping your Azov with the board. When you complete this contract it unlocks the passage to the next card in the area: Career.

Then take the passage at the top left (north-west) of the map to access the Career map. Stay on the main asphalt road going straight. At one point you will come across a fallen tower blocking your path. Don’t panic, using the Azov’s winch you will still be able to pass. Continue straight ahead and take the passage to the west to access the third map of the area: Zimnegorsk. The truck we came to pick up is called the TUZ 420 « Tatarin » , you will find its precise location by consulting this article. Collect it from your garage, just like the Azov, and return to the Smithville Dam.

Step 3: Discovery of Watchtowers and improvements

After all of this you should now be at level 8. This unlocks the Advanced Winch for the Azov which is a good investment. I also advise you to buy the stand-alone winch (allows the winch to be used even when the engine is off, very useful if you turn around) and the roof grid (allows you to carry more fuel) for the Tatarin.

Take the Tatarin and visit the 6 Smithville Dam Watchtowers , by accepting all the tasks that you come across. Then collect the 8 area upgrades , referring to the card you will find in this article.

Step 4: Complete all tasks and challenges

Take back the Azov. We will now focus on clearing all the roads in the area. Let’s start with Hard Rock , then Pont de Smithville and The long way . Head a little further south and you’ll find another Chevrolet CK1500 on the map. Collect it from the garage and sell it.

With the Tatarin you can complete several tasks. Let’s not start Fish fisherman , then The lost trailer , Find the antenna tower and Michigan test . While you are in this part of the map, head to theInternational Transtar 4070A and collect it, keep it and sell it.

Now go back to the Azov by equipping it with a tray. Go back down to the small island to the south where the Lost Packages task is located as well as a service trailer. Take the trailer and bring it to the GMC 9500 level, fix it which will allow you to complete the task Repair the truck . This GMC is now totally stuck in the mud so don’t bother trying to get it back. Also leave the trailer in place and go finish Tinkering is won to unlock the White Western Star 4964 . Collect it, keep it, and sell it.

Now switch back to the Azov to perform the following tasks: Hungry workers , More fuel , Bottomless well , In the middle flows a river , Tool delivery and Solid foundation (for the latter, the description says you need a truck with a crane but you don’t).

Back in the garage, add the loader crane so you can complete the following tasks: Lost packages , Threatening accident and An unfortunate event . You should now be at level 11 which unlocks the off-road tires for the Azov.

You have now completed all the tasks on the map, so you can take on the challenges. Start with New nest which requires driving in first person view, then A heavy burden that you have to do at night and finally Descent where you don’t have to take too much damage.

While you complete all of these tasks and challenges, you should normally (if not, don’t worry it will come on its own afterwards) unlock your thirteenth achievement:

  • The blue corridor (Drive 1 km underwater)

Step 5: Validate all contracts

Now all that’s left is the contracts. There are a few tedious deliveries to complete and if you are bored with the Azov, feel free to buy and try other trucks. For example, the International Paystar 5070 is a fairly versatile vehicle.

Now is the time to complete the following contracts in order: Provisions for winter, The essential , Ordering materials , Stones and sweat and Fuel control .


If you’re short on cash, now is a good time to grab a few trailers and sell them back to the trailer store. However, if you stuck with just the Azov and Tatarin, you should already have $ 200,000 or more.

At this point, vYou should have unlocked 14 watchtowers, 15 upgrades, 7 vehicles and completed 56 missions (15 contracts + 35 tasks + 6 challenges). Next stop, Island Lake!