[HOT] : How to get Chevrolet Apache 38 and TUZ 166?

The game’s development teams have just announced the release of a new vehicle in Snowrunner: the Chevrolet Apache 38. Find in this article all the information about this new machine!

Presentation of the Chevrolet Apache 38

The Chevrolet Apache 38 is a brand new vehicle added to Snowrunner. This is a scout-type vehicle which is therefore added to the already long list of vehicles available in the game that you can find in the guide dedicated to the question.

As for the characteristics, we will note the particularity of 6 driving wheels (unlike the usual 4). This therefore indicates that this vehicle will be particularly suited to complicated terrain.

It also has a good capacity tank (95L) allowing it a good autonomy. On the side of the AWD we note that it is “exchangeable” and that the differential lock is “always activated”. Two characteristics which therefore reinforce its claim to face the most difficult terrains (see our guide dedicated to the question).

Finally, note that the Chevrolet Apache 38 comes with second skin inspired by Cuban almendron, these famous taxis which circulate in particular in Havana (see screen below).

Obtaining the Chevrolet Apache 38

For the first time since the release of Snowrunner, additional paid content has been added to the game (outside of the Season Pass). Thus, players have no choice but to pay to get the Chevrolet Apache 38, even if they have the Season Pass.

This announcement caused a lot of reaction from the gaming community, and we must admit that we share some questions. It is to be hoped that in the long term, this method of obtaining additional content does not become the norm.

In any case, if you want to be able to test this new vehicle in-game, it will cost you € 3.99 regardless of the platform on which you play. You can buy it by following one of the links below:

  • PC : link to epic games website.
  • PS4 : link to the playstation store.
  • Xbox : link to the microsoft store.

How do I get the new TUZ 166 skin?

Snowrunner Update 7.0 brings many new features for players. Some of great importance, such as the Imandra card or the new TUZ 108 Warthog vehicle, others of smaller scale, but which nevertheless make it possible to enrich the game. Among them is the addition of a new skin for the TUZ 166 vehicle.

How do I get the new TUZ 166 skin?

This new skin of the TUZ 166 is exclusively reserved for players who have the Snowrunner Season Pass or who have purchased Phase 1 “Search & Recovery” (see our guide).

If you have the season pass, then all you have to do is go to any garage, select the TUZ 166 and go to the “customization” section. Then choose the third tab “painting” and it will be available for free.

Introducing the new TUZ 166 skin

Rather than a long speech on the aesthetic aspect of the new skin of the TUZ 166, find several screenshots taken in game which will present it to you perfectly.

Skin TUZ 166

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