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SnowRunner, the next-gen Off-Road experience from Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive, has been available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through the Epic Games Store for a week now. Today’s video * i is dedicated to all players who are currently facing mud, snow, and other extreme dangers in the game, offering them some tips and tricks that could make a difference!

Perfect your piloting skills

Newcomers are certainly eager to explore without further delay, but experienced drivers know the importance of adapting their driving to the terrain, using the various functions of their vehicle such as 4WD mode, differential lock, or again the winch. If you’re stuck in the mud, think through all of your options before you step down and sink deeper into the mud – take it slow, but sure!

Upgrade and customize your vehicles in the garage

SnowRunner offers a whole host of options and tools to tackle the most unforgiving terrain. In the garage, you can improve and specialize your vehicles according to your needs or desires. Increasing your Driver Rank by completing contracts will give you access to new vehicles and upgrades, increasing your options and the capabilities of your vehicles.

SnowRunner is available today * i on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The Season Pass is included in the Premium Edition of the game or available separately. Visit our official store.


A few years after Spintires, the studio Saber Interactive is back with SnowRunner, its new simulation game putting the most seasoned drivers to the test in extreme conditions. Is it always fun to get stuck in muddy paths? The answer in this comprehensive test!


  • Release date : 28 avril 2020
  • Style : Simulation
  • ESRB / PEGI rating : ESRB E / PEGI 3+
  • Developer: Saber Interactive
  • Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
  • Operating language: Offered in French
  • Available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Tested on Xbox One
  • Price during the test: CA $ 66.99 / € 49.99
  • Official site
  • Version sent by the publisher
  • Note that the publisher has no influence on our evaluation process


SnowRunner has substantially the same gameplay as its predecessor. Indeed, the title offers a difficulty that could scare away more than one, especially for neophytes of the genre. It is essential to observe the terrain on which we are driving so as not to get stuck and to have to reset our mission to the nearest garage. Whether it’s mud, water or snow, there are many obstacles in your way. On several occasions, we have to reduce our differential, activate all-wheel drive, but also use our winches to get out of dead ends. You may have already understood, all of these concepts can seem a bit difficult for new players to master. Even if the developers offer a small tutorial at the start of the game, we have to try the experience for ourselves to understand everything. I find that the game is clearly not accessible for the neophytes of this very particular style. Nevertheless, regulars will find familiar sensations and will not be unsettled. I advise you, moreover, to play with the controller even if the keyboard and the mouse are supported.


One of the biggest novelties of this SnowRunner is the customization of our trucks. Indeed, it is now possible to modify the appearance, but also the technical aspects of our vehicle. The choices are very numerous and we can, for example, add all-wheel drive, flashing lights, increase the size of our wheels or even modify the rear of our vehicle to add various types of equipment. The possibilities are very numerous and in my opinion, this is the main interest of the title. It is a real pleasure to be able to modify our truck so that it adapts to our missions. Of course, each type of vehicle does not have the same playability and you have to get used to the different handling. In total, the game offers 40 vehicles to unlock, upgrade and customize.


In SnowRunner, most of the time you need to collect resources from one location on the map and then deliver them elsewhere. To offer a little diversity, the developers of the studio Saber Interactive have also integrated challenges or missions to repair roads or help the inhabitants of different regions who have stuck their vehicles in the mud. After several hours of playing, I had the strong impression of always doing the same thing. It’s a shame, because we lose a little interest as we go.


As its name suggests SnowRunner includes a new area to deal with snow and its inconveniences. After the near-constant rain of the Michigan area and the dense forest of Russia, it is truly refreshing to see a huge white carpet of Alaska. While technically that doesn’t add a much different gameplay, the brightness is striking and adds a dose of freshness to the series. However, this addition does not change the type of mission we need to complete.


Another new feature is that it is now possible to complete missions, challenges and unlock all vehicles with friends. Indeed, SnowRunner is playable up to 4 people in online cooperation. The whole thing adds an interesting aspect especially when one starts to find the game a little repetitive. It is up to you, therefore, to decide whether to help your friends again if you take pleasure in pushing them into difficult areas.


SnowRunner brings several new features including the Alaska region with snow and full customization of over 40 vehicles to unlock as you go. Without being particularly impressive in terms of its artistic direction, the environments are still well modeled. In terms of playability, the title remains inaccessible for neophytes, but should appeal to regulars of the genre. Unfortunately, the game is still quite repetitive and lacks main objectives. The developers have also planned a lot of paid DLC and we feel that this content could have been integrated right now, and completely free of charge.

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