[HOT] : Unbound: Worlds Apart opens the portals of its destiny from July 28, 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch

Alien Pixel Studios announces the release, on July 28, of its sublime adventure and platform game Unbound: Worlds Apart on Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation and Xbox versions, edited by Digerati, will be released later in 2021.

Use different portals to your advantage to triumph over ferocious creatures, vicious puzzles and numerous platforming challenges in this cute and fearsome Metroidvania. Backed by a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Unbound: Worlds Apart is poised to step through the portal to our world – and your screens.

try Unbound: Worlds Apart on Steam with a playable demo available worldwide!

Do you live in Europe? Discover the demo – exclusive to the Old Continent – on the Nintendo Store !

With the wizard’s hood pulled tight over his head, the young mage Soli sets out on a great journey to defeat the ruthless evil that is tearing reality apart. Harness all the powers at your disposal to explore the decidedly dark fantasy universe of Unbound: Worlds Apart, and bring some serenity back to your hometown. Curiosity is the main engine for exploring the world: inside some portals, the physical properties of the hero and elements of the scenery can change, offering new gameplay possibilities.

The game in brief:

  • A haunting story: Follow the talented young mage Soli on his vengeful epic after his village and all of reality are torn apart by ruthless evil entities
  • Gravity-defying gameplay: your mission is to beat the monsters, uncover the mysteries of the world and explore the new areas as you unlock the 10 different portals: inverted gravity, time manipulation, increased strength and many more surprises await you!
  • Endearing characters: meet many protagonists each having a role to play in Soli’s fate. NPCs will help you master the summoning power of portals, as you learn more about the world around you and its many mysteries.
  • An enchanting aesthetic: this dark fairy tale comes to life in a gorgeous cartoon aesthetic. Unbound: Worlds Apart boasts stunning hand-drawn characters, environments and settings and is one of the only 2D games to run under Unreal Engine
  • A mystical soundtrack: Inmost sound designer Alexey Nechaev adds to the fantastic atmosphere of Unbound: Worlds Apart with an otherworldly soundtrack.

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