[HOT] : What is the Season Pass, and how do I get the Snowrunner Season Pass?

For several years now, the majority of games have regularly offered new content only accessible to players who have purchased a Season Pass. This has been and continues to generate a lot of debate within the player communities. Snowrunner, is no exception to the rule and this July, additional content related to the Season Pass begins to be published on the game servers.

Find in this article all the information about how the Snowrunner Season Pass works!

What is the Snowrunner Season Pass?

For players not used to this principle, note that a Season Pass is a kind of virtual ticket which, once purchased, gives you the right to access all new content published by the developers of a game, for a defined period of time. This Season Pass system has spread very quickly for several years, and almost every big game has one, if not more.

On the Snowrunner side, the Focus Home and Saber Interactive development teams announced before the game’s release that a Season Pass would be offered. With Update 6.0, additional content related to the Season Pass begins to be released.

What content does the Snowrunner Season Pass add?

Know first, that If you own the Snowrunner Season Pass, you will have access to all new content released to the game for approximately one year. It is very likely that if the game continues its momentum, development will be further extended and other Season Passes will emerge once this first period is over. Wait and see …

For the moment, the Snowrunner Season Pass provides for the addition of new content for a year in 4 successive phases. Find below some information on each phase collected here and there, we will obviously know more as the game develops:

  • Phase 1 « Search & Recovery » : it is obviously about this first phase that we know the most. It will take place in the Russian region of the Kola Peninsula and will have as its playground vast snowy and icy spaces, lit by the northern lights. The first part will be published in July 2020 with the update 6.0 and will give access to the new card Kovd Lake and new vehicles and missions. A little later in the summer, the end of this phase will be launched and will bring new content.
  • Phase 2 « Explore & Expand » : it will take place in Canada and will bring, like the first phase, new maps, missions and vehicles. The players will have to deliver many materials to develop base camps installed in rural areas.
  • Phase 3 « Locate & Deliver » : it will take place in Wisconsin in the United States and will focus on logging. We should therefore leave the snowy and icy areas to return to the side of the mud and the vast wooded areas.
  • Phase 4 : for the moment, we have neither the name, nor any information on the content provided by this last phase of the Season Pass. So we just have to wait a few months to find out more.

Finally, it is important to note that in addition to these 4 phases which will unlock additional content for players who have the Season Pass, the development teams are committed to releasing regular updates that will bring new content free of charge to all players.

How do I get the Season Pass?

To have access to all the future content added to the game, three solutions are available to you:

  • Own the Premium Edition of Snowrunner which integrates, in addition to the base game, the Season Pass automatically.
  • Buy the Season Pass directly on which costs 24.99 € base (for PC players go to theEpic Game Store, for PS4 players go to the Playstation Store and finally for Xbox players go to the Microsoft store).
  • The game’s development teams also announced that it would be possible purchase, separately, each additional content at the time of its release. In terms of price, it will most likely be less attractive than having the Season Pass.

Using our Instant Gaming partner link, you can find the base game, the premium version or the Season Pass at very attractive prices, and this allows the passage to support the site while saving money.

Finally, note that the game developers have announced that players who do not have the Season Pass will still be able to access all of the new content in multiplayer if they connect to the game of a host who owns it. So it’s a great way to discover future maps and vehicles, without spending a dime!

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