How to export and import your Google Chrome bookmarks

After a lifetime of compiling web pages and bookmarking them in Google Chrome, you probably want to export them to keep them safe. Today we’ll see how you can export google chrome bookmarks, plus how you can import them later.

This can be useful to change the browser or to pass your favorites to another account or another PC. The function of exporting favorites has been around for a long time in the Google browser, but it is quite hidden.

Export your favorites from Google Chrome

To export Google Chrome bookmarks you need to go to Favorites manager from Google Chrome. To do this you can use the Favorites / Bookmarks manager menu, use the key combination Control + Shift + O or open the page chrome: // bookmarks / in the browser. Already on that page, click on the menu button (the three points vertically).

This will open the contextual menu of Google Chrome favorites, where you will find the option Export favorites. This generates an html file with all the pages you have saved, in a standard format that other browsers can import.

The last thing you need is choose file name (if you want) and where you want to save it. By default Google Chrome generates a name based on today’s date, but you are free to call the file whatever you want. Press Keep and you will have your favorites safely.

Import bookmarks in Google Chrome

If you have already saved your favorites and now you want to import them to another Google Chrome, you must follow a few steps very similar to the previous ones. You should also go to Favorites manager by pressing Control + Shift + O or by opening the page chrome: // bookmarks / in the browser. Then click on the menu button (the three points vertically).

In the drop-down menu you must now choose Import favorites. This will open a window in which you must choose where the file with the favorites is located. You can use this menu also to import bookmarks saved from other browsers (eg Firefox).

Find the location of the html file with the bookmarks among the folders on your hard drive and press To open. All bookmarks and their folders will be added without distinction and without the possibility that you can choose, immediately.

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