New Star Ocean or Valkyrie Profile depend on Square Enix

Tri-Ace is responsible for developing the games in the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series, but since both belong to Square Enix, nothing can be done about them without the company’s approval.

Recently, Dualshockers had the opportunity to chat with Yoshiharu Gotanda from Tri-Ace and asked about the possibility of these series returning, but the response was not encouraging.

Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile have spent the last few years on iOS and Android devices, but have become famous as console series and now there is immense uncertainty about their future.

I know that many fans are waiting for new console games for both series. But to be honest, the only thing you can do is to question the game publisher, Square Enix, about that, “said Gotanda.

“Video game development is a business, so the profitability of a series is a huge prerequisite for a game to be made. There is also the company’s schedule and availability of employees as something to consider.”

Tri-Ace is more than interested in developing new games, but it knows that this decision belongs entirely to Square Enix.

Star Ocean: First Departure R was released in May 2019 for Nintendo Switch and PS4, with this HD port of the remake of the first game being the latest effort in its respective series.

About Valkyrie Profile, the launch of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, port of the PSP version of the original for mobile devices in 2018 and Valkyrie Anatomy: The Origin, launched in 2019 also for mobile, are the latest efforts in this property.

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