Square Enix expects a peak in revenue at the end of the year

The latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer, presented at State of Play, along with the promise of more news for E3 2019 has left them thinking about Square Enix’s plans for the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be presented in several parts, that hasn’t changed, and the first part may arrive sooner than you think – recent rumors say it will arrive in the first 3 months of 2020.

However, there is another speculation surrounding the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake which, while agreeing that it will arrive during this fiscal year, which will end on March 31, 2020, points to a release already in late 2019.

Tetsuya Nomura, game director, said that plans for launch are already set – suggesting that the release date for the first part has already been decided, but we will have to wait for E3 2019 to learn more.

The unexpected arrival of the new trailer and the arrival of more news as early as June are motivating us to look at news from early 2019, where Square Enix may have hinted at these plans.

As Game Informer advanced in February, Yosuke Matsuda, president of Square Enix, asked its investors to be aware of the weeks leading up to E3 2019 and of course, the event that will take place in Los Angeles.

However, Matsuda said something even more curious. The president of Square Enix told investors that the company expects to see a peak in revenue in the last three months of 2019, something that only happens with a major launch.

Let? S be clear, I think that means FF7 news at E3 for 2019 launch!

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With the help of this great launch, Square Enix hopes to record profits higher than those it achieved in its best year.

This means that, with the help of this high profile title that will arrive between October and December 2019, Square Enix believes that it will earn more profits than it achieved in the fiscal year that Final Fantasy 15 hit stores.

Final Fantasy 15 managed to sell more than 5 million units in two days, an incredibly popular game that helped Square Enix to obtain its best results ever. Believing that you will get better is because you have a truly amazing title.

The likelihood of Final Fantasy 7 Remake – Part 1 reaching March 31, 2020 looks increasingly high, but now we have a chance to arrive at the end of 2019. However, Square Enix also has the Avengers game, which may be strong enough to achieve the expected results.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake or Avengers at the end of 2019?

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