Square Enix prepares action game for the new generation

Square Enix is ​​looking for international talent to develop an action game for the new generation.

Square Enix’s First Development Division is working on a new intellectual property and is looking for employees from around the world, willing to travel to Tokyo and work on this ambitious game.

This division of Square Enix is ​​responsible for games like Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kingdom Hearts III, SaGa: Scarlet Grace, Romancing SaGa 3 (remastered) and Romancing SaGa Re: Universe, which reveals its versatility.

The objective of Square Enix, thanks Gematsu, is to create an action game for the new generation, “which goes beyond what was done in existing action games”.

For now, Square Enix has not confirmed the name or platforms for this project.

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