Square Enix publishes 40 minutes of the Quiet Man gameplay

Square Enix has published a video with 40 minutes of The Quiet Man, a new IP presented during the past E3 developed by Human Head Studios (Prey 2006).

During a livestream dedicated to the game, something more of that hybrid between film and video game has been shown. You can see it in the video below from 39:30 to 1:22:45.

The game stars a thug who has lost his hearing, so the player will have to pay attention to the visual clues to understand the story and decipher what is happening. Yes there will be some sound to mark the punches, but most of the interface is shown changing the colors to reflect health and using a lens flare to mark that we can use a special attack.

According to the producer of the game, the title will last about three hours and cost $ 15, a price that they say is closer to the figure that a movie costs. Kensei Fujinaga says he wants to create a small experimental game with production values ​​closer to AAA.

The Quiet Man will be out on PC and PS4 on a date to be determined.

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