They manage to ‘sneak’ a Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone in the App Store

Upgrade: GBA Emu has been removed from the App Store a few moments ago.

Console emulators are banned from the iOS App Store. But from time to time, someone manages to sneak one of them in without being detected by the store reviewers. This is the case of GBA Emu, a Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone which just landed in the store and is likely to last just a few more hours.

A Game Boy Advance emulator on the App Store

As we write these lines, Game Boy Advance emulator for iPhone is still available. Found first by user Riles via Alex Barredo, it is a differently named version of an emulator created by Riles himself. Apparently someone has uploaded it to the App Store under a different name.

As far as we have been able to test, the emulator works on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The app opens telling us what to do in case we can’t open it, turning the device clock back in 24 hours. It incorporates a search engine to find ROMs compatible with the emulator, which we can then load into it.

The App Store does not allow these types of apps because to be useful they require the download of copyrighted material. In other words, not to promote hacking. This is why we can expect GBA Emu to be removed from the App Store sooner rather than later.

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