12 Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks You Should Know Before Playing: Skills, Weapons …

We offer you a list of 12 tips and tricks to succeed in Immortals Fenyx Rising from the first minutes of the game, so don’t miss any.

Fans of role-playing games are delighted with the arrival of Immortals Fenyx Rising, a new intellectual property from Ubisoft under an open-world action-adventure game set in Greek mythology.

What perhaps makes Immortals Fenyx Rising very particular is that it is quite similar in visual terms and in artistic result to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and therefore it is a good opportunity for non-Nintendo systems such as PlayStation and Xbox to be able to enjoy something similar, at least with similar graphics.

Regardless of the player you are, it will be good for you to know a series of tips before you start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising, and we list them in the following guide.

12 Immortals Fenyx Rising Tips and Tricks You Should Know Before You Start Playing: What Skills to Get Early and Much More

The weapons you should wield

There are many weapons that you can find throughout history, and we advise you to learn all the ins and outs of the sword of Achilles, the ax of Atlanta and the bow of Ulysses.

  • The sword of Achilles is our most basic weapon and performs fast attacks, every three consecutive hits will activate a combo that deals additional damage and that recharges part of the resistance by 40%.
  • The Atlanta ax is a heavy weapon, dealing 32 damage per hit and filling the enemy’s stun gauge, making it easier for you to take down those who provide the most resistance. Of course, it is slower than our previous weapon, so use it against enemies that are not very fast.
  • The Ulysses bow is useful for long-distance confrontations and also for those enemies that are flying, so it can first make a ranged attack to weaken it, and then finish with the ax or the sword.

I go flying, i come flying

It is not difficult to learn to fly, but at first you may not know very well how to do this. For this you need to climb to a high place since you need to jump with the character and when you are in the air press the action button to unfold the wings and thus you will begin to glide. Note that flying consumes energy quite quickly, although luckily if you are on normal difficulty or lower the wings will make you fall smoothly and you will not take damage.

Go improving the health bar

We will start the adventure with three health bars, but the idea is that you have to update them as soon as you can. Note that for this you must unlock the hall of the gods, which is done after the tutorial, and there you will have access to different upgrade systems such as the one in Athens. You will have to collect six servings of ambrosia to improve the first health bar, and then you will be told what you require. Realize that you can improve health up to 12 times.

And the resistance too

In addition to health bars, you need to increase stamina, and it’s done in the same way as health. Of course, this time we are going to need the Zeus ray, and we get one every time we complete a dungeon.

But if you want new skills …

Once you have the hall of the gods enabled, you can unlock any skill by heading to the Styx river area where you will have to drop some Charon coins. You will find these coins in chests and when completing puzzles in the golden islands. If you have seen some kind of giant lire in the form of puzzles, you will be rewarded with Charon coins.

We recommend that you unlock the following skills first:

  • The climbing ability, which allows us to move faster vertically, that is, when we are climbing, while consuming less energy
  • Town boost ability, which makes us fly faster and further while consuming less energy
  • Advanced swimming ability, which allows us to move faster while swimming and consumes less energy
  • Collection with telekinesis, which helps us to automatically collect all nearby ingredients.

Improving our weapons and armor

This is done in the hall of the gods, but for this we need adamantine fragments of various colors, depending on the type of weapon we want to improve. This enables us to make weapons more powerful, but also more efficient armor, increasing, for example, the number of arrows and even the number of potions that we can carry.

To get the aforementioned adamantine fragments we must kill creatures of all kinds and enemies, so if you participate a lot in the fighting you will always have a few of these units.

Brewing potions

We can make potions to restore health and stamina, but also to improve attack and defense. For this we will need different ingredients since each potion is different, so we advise you to collect all kinds of pomegranates, mushrooms, figs and even flower nectar and store them until you know which ones you are going to use more.

Climb through the four statues

This is tremendously important, because if we reach the top of each of them, we will find a special synchronization point that will remove the fog from the map, so that we know everything that is around us.

Reveal points of interest with your vision

If we use our distant scanning vision, we will reveal the points of interest on the map. So manually scan the landscape you pass through with your far-sight ability, and it is ideal that you use it especially when you are on top of the aforementioned statues.

And visit the four gods

If you climb the statue of a god, it is generated as a search icon where we will be able to find that same god, and thus a new quest in history will begin, unlocking our first blessing ability. And it is that we must do tasks for each of the gods to help them regain their powers, so if you are trapped and you do not know very well how to advance, you already know that you have to perform these types of missions so that the narrative continues to advance.

Aphrodite is the closest god on the map when you start out, and her blessing is one of the most useful in the game. And it is that the embrace of Aphrodite gives us an automatic resurgence if we fall in battle with a recovery time of 20 minutes.

Variety and not so much quantity

We will have a lot of resources, pieces and spells in our adventure, and since you will not be able to carry all of them, it is recommended that you try to carry one of each, and not so many.

Once you have been playing the adventure for a few hours, you will know what type of resources and materials you are using the most, so that a little later you will be able to better manage your inventory, but at first, bet on variety.

Regaining health

It will be one of your main problems at the beginning when you have little experience, but you can recharge health using grenades, which is a magic fruit. You can find them in small altars, but also especially in the valley of eternal spring where you will find entire groves of pomegranates with fruits hanging from their branches.

With these tips and tricks to start playing Immortals Fenyx Rising, you already have everything you need to thrive during the first hours of play. For more details you can consult our analysis of Immortals: Fenyx Rising.