15 million users: Microsoft’s Game Pass gets going

It is now more than clear that the Game Pass will be an important part of Microsoft’s strategy for the future. What some of you may not have been aware of is how successful the Game Pass is now. Microsoft has now announced that there are now 15 million Game Pass users, although this should not be converted too quickly into fixed monthly income: As part of many promotions and package inserts in games, there were many opportunities to get the Game Pass for one month free of charge get to subscribe for just one euro and the PC-only game pass currently only costs around 4 euros in beta and will surely go up to the normal price at some point. In this respect, you will have to see how many long-term subscribers the offer can hold in the long term.

But it must also be said that the Game Pass is becoming more and more attractive. In addition to the usual range of older hits and indies, it is currently also Microsoft’s policy that all self-published games are automatically included. Halo, Gears and Forza, but also the Flight Simulator, which will hopefully be flyable on the Series X, are all included in the package. It will now be exciting with Bethesda, because after the announcement of the takeover yesterday – yes, in case someone missed it, Microsoft snatched Bethesda for around 7.5 billion – Pete Hines of Bethesda said today that they will continue to do so I’ll publish games myself. This is more likely to be related to publications on other platforms, but maybe it is also the case that the Bethesda titles do not automatically end up in the Game Pass. It will have to be seen like so much else in this deal.

Never mind, the Game Pass can be canceled monthly, at least if you have it as a subscription and a 12-month code has not just been redeemed. If Skyrim 6 is not there at some point, you can react. Or you play something else from the passport, you will surely find something.

If you want to be the 15 million and first: The Game Pass Ultimate for 3 months without subscription (Amazon.de)

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