Star Wars Battlefront II EA has received a new update for PC, 12 years after its launch.

Although the patch is relatively smallIt never ceases to amaze us due to the years that have passed since the launch. It includes things like minor bug fixes and improved lobby functionality. Steam usernames should also display correctly in-game, while ping calculations will be more accurate in the future.

As well, StarWars: Battlefront II received a major update in October, when online multiplayer support was restored after it was shut down years ago. Also added cross-play support between GOG and Steam users.

On the other hand, EA’s new Battlefront II received some free DLC focused on the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi. Added two new maps and new heroes, among other things.

Here it goes a summary of the patch notes:

  • The functionality of the lobby has been improved.
  • Steam usernames should now display correctly.
  • The ping calculations are more accurate.