25 Minecraft tips and tricks: dungeons for beginners and advanced players

Minecraft: Dungeons seems to focus on all types of players, regardless of age, which is partly true, but those who seek explore your world in depth and enter the highest difficulty levels you will find that this is not a simple task at all.

To make the trip a little easier, we have prepared a complete guide with 25 tips and tricks They will be very useful to you when taking them into account at any level, so we invite you to watch them if they have escaped you and are useful to you.

Minecraft Tips and Tricks: Dungeons for Beginners and Advanced Players

  • the sheep, cows and other animals They are harmless and won’t do anything to you if you get close to them. However, removing them will help you get emeralds or even food to regenerate health, so you already know what to do whenever you see one.
  • When you go through the phases the game will always tell us where to go, but don’t be afraid Go in the opposite direction where the arrow marks you, as it can help you find chests or secret rooms.
  • To make it easier, by holding down the button to open the map, you will see a more complete screen in which it will show better which places you have traveled, besides showing you how many secret chests you haven’t located yet.
  • Sometimes there will be places that seem inaccessible on foot. There may be a hidden place a key or a switch This is useful, although it is also possible to reach certain areas while rolling with the character. To prove that he doesn’t stay.
  • In reality, rolling is the only way to fall off the cliffs screens, so you can move anywhere hassle-free. Of course, if you fall you will reappear elsewhere on the map and with less health, so don’t ignore it.
  • Another of the most recommended actions for dodge hits and flee quickly enemies if too many people get together. It has a cooldown, so make sure the ability is ready before using it.
  • The stage can also be a great ally on certain occasions to protect against arrows. Without going any further, this is one of the tips we recommend that you keep in mind to beat Ender’s Heart.
  • There are a few enemies in particular that can cause you more than a headache and these are magicians and summonersbecause they won’t stop lifting more enemies or even giving them more strength or resistance, so whenever you see one, feel free to take them out first.
  • Other enemies that can be difficult to break are: those who wear a shield. In front of them, the first thing to do is to throw or hit an arrow to break it and damage it immediately with the best you have.
  • The bow is one of the best weapons. It will help you attack from afar, with some enchantments you can hit multiple enemies at the same time or cause side effects and these are usually very powerful weapons. If you find one with good ammo, will become one of your best allies.
  • For their part, one-handed weapons They are useful if you like to attack quickly, although it is not that devastating. Instead, the two-handed weapons They will damage animals in exchange for taking longer to deliver a hit.
  • The final bosses must be eliminated to continue through the phases. On the contrary, with normal enemies and mini-bosses to those no need to remove them to move forward, something that doesn’t hurt to keep in mind in case you find yourself in a tight spot.
  • A good way to regenerate health points is meal let them free from enemies or animals and even more with the potions, which in this case they are infinite, but they take a while to become available again.
  • When we have a horde of enemies nearby or when we are about to encounter a mini-boss or a final boss, nothing goes wrong be patient and always wait in a safe place to collect the potion if it is spent.
  • Adventure can never be interrupted. It doesn’t matter if the map is open, as the action won’t stop at any point, so it’s recommended to go back or to a safe area if we need to step away for a moment.
  • Each phase of the game will have six difficulty levels. If it seems very simple or very complicated, don’t hesitate to increase or decrease its difficulty.
  • This will cause the enemies to be more powerful than normal, but in return you will have a higher probability of entering best objects or with the highest stats.
  • In the phase selection you can see an overview of the objects it may show up, which is useful if you’re looking for a specific one or one like the one you’ve equipped with higher quality.
  • More than anything, it’s because objects of the same level are not always the same. There are a few cases where your stats change slightly and mostly affect enchantments, so be sure to take a good look at everything in your inventory.
  • The adventure in general will be divided into three difficulty levels: Default, adventure and apocalypse. Overall, the levels will gradually be stuck. On the contrary, in the higher levels they will already be unlocked from the start so that you can select the one you want, although it will be practically suicide to enter the latter without having a good team.
  • Raising the level will not increase our hero’s stats. It will not be used earn enchantment points for weapons and equipment.
  • Don’t be afraid to disappoint Although these items look very good to you, as it is easy to get better versions and you will receive enchantment points in return.
  • However, when you already have too many enchantment points sometimes it’s about keeping specific elements for certain situations, like the diamond pickaxe which gives a higher chance of getting emeralds.
  • At the end of the first phases of the adventure, a black-smith and an Wandering seller. We can both deliver emeralds to randomly deliver weapons and armor in the case of the former and artifacts in the case of the latter, so it’s good to accumulate as much as possible.
  • Finally, Minecraft: Dungeons can be done without problems on its own, but it must be recognized that the adventure it gets better, it’s more fun and easier to play as a team. Also, other players will have no problem stealing the loot as everyone will see theirs on their screen.

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