On the occasion of the round birthday, Bandai Namco was made with several surprises.

In recent years, we’ve come across a lot of complex, well-written characters in video games, but at first, many decades ago, the industry produced much simpler characters. Just think of birthday Pac-Man, for example.

This year is especially important for fans and Bandai Namco, as Pac-Man first appeared on arcade machines in 1980, which means that many of their favorite yellow creatures are already 40 years old. And such an anniversary should be celebrated in style, so there are several surprises, the most interesting of which is clearly the free Pac-Man Live Studio.

Bandi Namco created the game with Amazon, which we don’t even have to download, as we can play it with our buddies on Twitch. Plus, a track editor is included, and even the classic Pac-Man can be accessed through it. It’s not yet known when Pac-Man Live Studio will be released, but it all promises to be pretty interesting right now.

By the way, Mojang also got into the celebration and a fresh DLC arrived at Minecraft, which makes sense about Pac-Man. Acquiring the package, we can wander through 3D mazes while ghostly ghosts lurk in our wake, but we can thoroughly surprise them with some TNT. Moreover, of course, we can even blow up the walls of the maze.

Finally, it’s worth reporting on Nvidia’s gift, as the team’s artificial intelligence, GameGAN, has recreated the classic Pac-Man, which is a nice result in itself, but even more interesting that in principle anyone will be able to try the end result later.

How much have you followed the evolution of the Pac-Man franchise over the last four decades?

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