Would you like to go on a trip? Here are some tips to help you discover the most beautiful landscapes in Cusima!

We were blessed by the deities with lots of beautiful things, and as every Japanese knows, the island of Cusima was one of the eight first created by Izanagi and Izanami. It has been shaped to be beautiful and varied, and its landscapes are definitely worth exploring as soon as we have the opportunity to put down the tools. We present five locations that are guaranteed not to disappoint!

Jade Hills

A mountain hike can always recharge one-time adventurers. There are many flora in the Jade Hills, and after a walk in the dense forest you can enjoy beautiful views of the area from the high cliffs. It is worth preparing for the fact that rains are frequent.

Kukai waterfall

For those who like to admire huge stagnant waters, it is enough to walk to the sea, but for those who would admire a beautiful waterfall, be sure to head towards the Kukai Falls. The bubbling water ripples wonderfully on the rocks, and the catchments are just so deep that we can safely cool our tired feet after walking.

Kasine forest

You don’t even have to walk on horseback for five minutes to find forest in Cusima, but anyone who loves darker, more mysterious places will find what they’re looking for in the Kasine Forest. It is highly recommended that you arrive well-equipped, as there have been reports of bear attacks, but this may be what attracts those looking for excitement.

Golden forest

In the immediate vicinity of Lake Izuhara is the Golden Forest, named after the golden leaves of its trees, which also cover the ground. There are many species of animals that farm here, some of which are not particularly friendly. It is recommended to rest at the Golden Pace where you can see how the most talented bow makers, gunsmiths and armor blacksmiths work.

Kuta plain

Stepping out of the nearby forest, the snow-white fields of the Kuta Plain unfold before us, over which petals fly in the wind, and the rocks offer a wonderful view of the sea. In order to preserve the beauty of the area, it is important to walk on the trampled roads, not to lie on the vegetation, not to trample it down, and just take the memories home in our heads. If you are already nearby, it is also worth visiting the Pillar of Honor near the Sister Rocks.

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