A 7-year-old girl receives Splatoon as a Christmas present and finds a movie inside

Chain WLWT 5 has picked up the case of a 7-year-old girl named Mackenzie Blankenship, that a cheated christmas present was found. The girl, from Ohio, opened a gift that Santa Claus had left her under the tree. It was Splatoon for Wii U. Unfortunately inside the game box there was a movie called Sensual Seductions 2. (Yes, it’s a chore to get the second part as a gift when you haven’t seen the first one).

The girl’s mother explains how she reacted in those moments:

“I looked over her shoulder and snatched it from her. I saw the image on the disc and she was already asking ‘Why? What’s that? Why are they naked?’” It’s not something that a child it is expected of the good-natured old Saint Nicholas, and Mackenzie herself relates it in the first person: “I was very angry. I said ‘why did Santa leave me this?’ he had to tell me that it wasn’t him. “

“He cried a little. I had to explain to him that Santa’s elves don’t make video games. That the they buy of the royal stores and that there had been some confusion that Santa hadn’t noticed. Obviously it is not the fault of the Target chain, since they have not manufactured it, but I think that as distributors they should take some responsibility and get to the bottom of this so that it does not happen again ”.