The new Mac with Apple’s M1 processor have changed the architecture, going from x86 to ARM. This generates numerous advantages and some other disadvantages, one of them is the impossible to install Windows so easily as it happens in Macs with Intel processors.

MacBook with macOS Big Sur

However, developer Alexander Graf has shown that Windows can be used on Macs with an Apple Silicon processor. This developer you have managed to use Windows 10 in its ARM version on a Mac with an M1 chip thanks to a virtual machine.

Using the open source QEMU virtualizer, Graf has been able to virtualize the ARM version of Windows without emulation. Also, as he tweeted, “Virtualized ARM64 Windows on M1 Macs can run x86 applications very well. It’s not as fast as Rosetta 2, but it’s close. “

Who said Windows wouldn’t run well on #AppleSilicon? It’s pretty snappy here 😁. #QEMU patches for reference:

– Alexander Graf (@_AlexGraf) November 26, 2020

Virtualization will allow Windows to be used on Macs with M1

Graf has been able to run Windows ARM64 Insider Preview by virtualizing it through the Hypervisor.framework. Although to achieve it you have needed to apply a custom patch to the QEMU virtualizer.

It seems that in this way he has achieved “Achieve near native performance”, which means that the ARM version of Windows can be virtualized on Mac M1s with excellent performance.

Windows on Macs with M1 is possible, but depends on Microsoft

The This developer’s experiment has only begun, although it encourages all interested to try it. It’s early for this. It is definitely possible to reproduce my results – all patches are on the mailing list – but don’t expect a stable and fully functional system yet.

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These results should not take us by surprise, Apple already said that its Macs with M1 “had the necessary tools to run Windows in its ARM version.” The problem is that Windows ARM64 Insider Preview version is not available to the general public. As soon as it is, it will be relatively easy to use Windows on Macs with Apple Silicon.

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