A Nintendo fan has had a great idea: create a Super Mario pipe to hold his Nintendo Switch cartridges.

There are wildly original ideas for saving your games, and in the case of Nintendo switch it is even more important. You can have them in their respective boxes, but being cartridges there are users who prefer to have them in cases and other containers as a collector’s item.

But we are sure that you will be surprised by the idea that this Nintendo fan has had. The user whopperlover17 has shared on Reddit his great idea for save the Nintendo Switch cartridges: a pipe inspired by Super Mario, which can be disassembled as a compartment.

It is a green pipe, like the ones we can see in the Super Mario games, which has two built-in drawers to save your Switch games … but not only that. And you can place an amiibo figure on top, and disassemble the pipe to store more cartridges.

Although we don’t know the maximum number of cartridges that this pipe can host, this user claims they fit up to 14 Switch cartridges on the inside, and to this we would have to add all those that we keep in the external drawers.

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The reactions have not been long in coming, and all the followers of whopperlover17 have asked that post the instructions to make this Super Mario pipe. Its creator himself admits that the idea needs to be improved, especially in terms of the arrangement of the external drawers.

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We highlight a comment from a fan, who assures that “reminds me of the shaving foam canister from Jurassic Park”, and the truth is that its operation is practically the same. We all remember how Dennis Nedry kept the embryos of each species in this object.

Have you been impressed this pipe to save your Switch games? It seems to us an excellent idea, although there will be those who prefer to have the cartridges in their respective boxes, or even in somewhat more classic cases.

Source: GamesRadar

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