Chris Garner worked for 14 years at Playstation as head designer for the Liverpool studio. During his recent appearance on the RDX podcast, he has talked about next-gen consoles. Specifically, it has praised the characteristics of Xbox Series X and has hit a stick to Playstation 5.

“PS5 is not a bad console, it is an absolute beast as a hardware, but it is also slower in numerous ways than what Microsoft has ridden. I think Sony has rested on its laurels. They have the leadership and a huge market share and, From what I’ve heard, they’ve gone back to doing something like the PS3 thing. It’s not that bad on hardware, complications, and the like, but they just didn’t seem to appreciate what Xbox was trying in terms of the power narrative. .

“They have definitely been caught off guard. There is no doubt that Microsoft has worked more closely with AMD on some of the technologies at hand. I’m sure a lot of people are going to be annoyed that say this, but Microsoft and Xbox are confident in what they have achieved, you just have to see what Phil Spencer said about the presentation of PS5, they know they have made the right decisions. “

“If you look at the performance and power of Xbox Series X ray tracing, you start to understand why the developers think it’s amazing. If you do the math and then you start to see the power of ray tracing in real time … There it’s where Sony has been caught off guard. “