A former Telltale developer said the sequel to The Wolf Among Us would probably never have appeared

The studio has closed, so it’s probably not really the second season coming, but there seem to be problems with the project even before it closed.

Plenty of people were delighted when the second season of the popular The Wolf Among Us was announced last year, but in the meantime, the Telltale Games had unfortunately disbanded, leaving Bigby Wolf’s adventure uninterrupted. However, now some details have come to light that make it look like the game wouldn’t have appeared anyway.

A former developer of Telltale spoke anonymously to SamaGame and told quite a few interesting things about The Wolf Among Us, among others. It turned out, for example, that the team could have managed very little money, so it was planned that the second season would have received only three instead of the usual five episodes. In addition, the development progressed very slowly, as long after the official announcement, practically only one concept art, the script of the first chapter, and a map showing possible events were ready to continue.

There was also a problem with the Unity engine, and the team postponed the release to 2019, but most likely the second season wouldn’t have appeared either. The ex-developer also revealed, by the way, that the sequel would have taken place sometime after the events of the first game, with Bigby Wolf and Snow starring again.

Would you have been happy if the second season of The Wolf Among Us was completed?