Retro is in. It is not for nothing that vinyls, for example, are enjoying greater popularity again.

A German DJ named DJ Remute goes one step further and releases his new album on a cartridge for the Sega Mega Drive.

You then plug this cartridge into the console and listen to the music.

As he stated to SamaGame, the music on the cartridge was not recorded. Rather, it was programmed with special software that accesses the console’s sound chip directly.

“Whenever you put the cartridge in the console, the music is generated in real time by the console,” he says. “It is the first plug-and-play techno album! The cartridge (with an individual flash chip with 4 MB) contains a special music player that was programmed by some legendary coders from the demo scene.”

“Technoptimistic is literally an entirely electronic album as electricity generates the music in real time every time you turn on the console,” he explains. “Thanks to its Yamaha FM sound chip, the Mega-Drive console has a unique sound – a sound that immediately reminds you of Blade Runner and Cyberpunk.”

In 2017 Remute released an album called Limited on a floppy disk. What’s next?

You can get a foretaste of Technoptimistic at Bandcamp. The album will be released on March 22nd.

Current offers for consoles. (

The first plug and play techno album cartridge for the Sega Mega Drive is coming soon. ‘Technoptimistic’ will be released in March.

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