A good game for your Mac

One of the games that I like the most for the PSP and for the XBOX 360 it is Lumines. On Mac OS X we can enjoy Lumox 2, game inspired (and something more than inspired) in Lumines. The objective is to make blocks of two by two of the same color, and this block disappears when the time bar passes over it. The pieces are falling from the sky and we can rotate the falling squares and move them to the left and right, in the purest style Tetris.

One of the attractions of this game is that the music and graphics are synchronized with the actions we do. On Lumox 2 there are over 30 minutes of music and thousands of visual styles.

Lumox 2 it’s shareware, universal binary, and the license costs $ 10.

More information | Lumox 2 Way | Versiontracker