In Gordian Rooms: The Curious Heritage Adventure, we have to acquire the legacy of a wealthy uncle while wandering on a estate full of puzzles.

The star of logic games is no longer as bright as it used to be, but every now and then you can find another gem. Those who want to exercise their brain teasers can now pay attention to the latest game of Crimsonite Games, Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage, consisting of only two Hungarian guys.

The game draws plenty from the escape rooms, as our task is to investigate the legacy of our deceased uncle and visit its huge Victorian-style villa. The halls of the monumental building will be crowded with a variety of puzzles, but we will also find adventure game elements during our wanderings. The following preview gives a great picture of the game’s atmosphere:

If you are interested in Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage, you can bring it in for less than two thousand forints via Steam. An extra good point is that the developers paid attention to the Hungarian audience, so those who do not speak English will not be disadvantaged either, as the adventure can be played entirely with Hungarian subtitles.

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