There are fans who take the sanctity of the Star Wars experience a little more seriously than they should.

For many people, going to the movies is a kind of ceremony; this is when we buy our tickets, there are those who are equipped with snacks, we are conveniently located and – at best – we turn off our phones so that we can indulge in the enjoyment of the film for a few hours. He seems to be able to arouse serious anger in some if they disturb his composure.

Sure, none of us like to have someone pushing their cell phone next to us in the dark of the cinema, but that’s no reason to show our displeasure with corporal punishment. In a Canadian movie theater, one of the spectators didn’t tolerate well that the man sitting next to him glanced at his cell phone during the early opening screen of Star Wars: Skywalker. After a few unsolicited words, he punched the caller in the face with noble simplicity.

The slap in the face, Joe Bond, said their children had been left at home by a babysitter and wanted to take one last look at his phone to see if everything was okay when the man attacked her. The aggressive Star Wars fan was eventually taken out of the cinema and the screening restarted. Someone recorded how the visibly impulsive man was expelled from the screening room, but before that he was sending the entire audience to an even warmer climate:

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This dude lost it when someone checked their phone screen during the opening of @starwars The theater was forced to restart the movie from the beginning. The irony was beautiful. #canada #starwarsfan

Posted by David Boyce (@thisboycelife) on Dec 20, 2019, 5:58 AM (in PST time zone)

What is your worst cinema experience?

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