A modder recreates the No Man’s Sky universe in DOOM

Robert Prest is the creator of the mod “No Guy’s Sky” for DOOM, based on No Man’s Sky. “I have based it on what I saw in the trailer.” In this mod you can visit generated planets automatically in a spaceship, mine resources, talk to aliens well known and visiting space stations with vending machines. There is even a “Center of the universe” very conveniently indicated with a sign. The development of this mod led to Prest three weeks of his time, despite the fact that at first he believed it would only take about three days.

The fauna and Flora of the planets is generated randomly and in the video we can see several aliens generated with a mixture of monsters from DOOM and human faces, like that of Neil deGrasse Tyson or the astronaut, which was commented on by the video on YouTube. You can even use your jetpack, just like in the original game.

The mod has not been released yet since the creator is fixing some aspects like minor errors in the textures. Prest also is working on a mod for DOOM based on DayZ called DoomZ.

Here is the link to the video of No Man’s Sky in DOOM.