A new map and missions in SnowRunner’s first big update

Check out the free and paid content for Season 1

The first content of the SnowRunner Season Pass has arrived. Today, with more than a million players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, the unrivaled off-road experience of Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive celebrates the premiere of the first update of the Season Pass, including new winter maps, vehicles and much more

A ruthless new area with old forgotten treasures

Players with the Season Pass can now travel to Lake Kovd, the first map in the icy Kola Peninsula region of Russia, where players must complete new missions as they battle thin ice that could break at any time. Joining the fleet are two new vehicles, the TUZ 16 “Actaeon” and the iconic Ford 750 4×4 CrewCab, the customization of cosmetic changes is extended with two new skins.

More game-changing features, both paid and free

A second map, interior customization, another vehicle, skins and new missions that will arrive during the summer. Free-for-all content in the Phase 1 updates will include the addition of new beta status mod tools on PC, allowing players to create their own maps, quizzes, interior customization, and challenging missions. If your friends do not have the Season Pass, you can invite up to three friends to enjoy with you while you conquer wild lands.

The franchise celebrates its debut on mobile devices!

MudRunner, the multi-million dollar off-road franchise, also celebrates the launch of its version for mobile devices on iOS and Android. Its signature physics engine and unmatched terrain simulation guarantee an experience never before seen on mobile devices.