A point of laughter, a point of seriousness

Although it seems strange to us, because in Spain the day of the innocent saints is celebrated on December 28, today is when the Anglo-Saxon media and companies go crazy and try to tease their users with crazy ads and truly crazy fake products.

It is a tense day in the writing of SamaGame.es, because we write with fear of swallowing some of these innocents, but also a funny one with jokes that are to be laughed at and others that play with our feelings and that we would like to see how they are done reality. Here are the ones we liked the most on April 1, 2014.

Blizzard’s fighting game

The makers of World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Hearthstone are a classic every April. On this occasion they have surprised us with Outlasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished, a fighting game starring the eternal second-men of the different Blizzard universes that has a rigged matchmaking system as one of its main attractions. The teaser trailer, how could it be otherwise, pays homage to the greatest of the classics of the genre:

The first Titanfall DLC

If you purchased the Titanfall Season Pass, sooner or later the first DLC pack for the game from Respawn Entertainment will be available to you. Unfortunately, it will not be the one announced during April Fools’ Day: a DLC that adds Optimus Prime, the Transformer par excellence, as a titan in the successful multiplayer shooter. An obvious joke, but no less brilliant for that.

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Codemasters enters a new genre

After years specialized in the motor world with sagas such as Colin McRae Rally, F1, TOCA Touring Car or DiRT, the British studio wanted us to believe that its next game will be GRID: Railroad, a multiplayer train simulator based on the new RailNet ( based on the GRID RaceNet 2). Those of you who have visited London will especially laugh at the last of its supposed features: the ability to purchase additional content using an Oyster Card.

Half-life 3

Another classic: the third installment of one of the most representative sagas of the game on PC, and one of the most anticipated titles of the last decade, has once again been the protagonist of several jokes. In GamesRadar, for example, they published an analysis of Half-Life 3 (they also had the one of Shenmue 3, set in Venice), while the Swedish chain Webhallen listed on its website the exclusive Xbox One bundle with Valve’s game.

The Killzone Movie

A Killzone movie isn’t far-fetched (in fact, it makes a lot of sense and something quite interesting could come out of it), but certainly not as the Guerrilla Games joke: A Helghastly Adventure, an adaptation directed by Tim Burton, puts it. , starring Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and with the peculiar gothic aesthetic of the Californian director. Good for the Nightmare Before Christmas fans, bad for everyone else.

DICE take it with Wii U

Those responsible for the Battlefield saga have not forgotten the controversial decision not to bring the Frostbite 3 engine to Wii U and have delved into the wound with their joke on Twitter, in which they claimed that the console was the most powerful of the fourth generation and that its technology was ready to move the next games of the Mario and Zelda sagas. However, it seems that it must not have sat very well with many Nintendo fans, because they have already removed it from the social network.

The kaiju of War Thunder

The creators of War Thunder join the fever for kaijus (unleashed last year with Pacific Rim and reborn this year with the Hollywood reboot of Godzilla) with Gaijilla, an expansion that adds a gigantic snail – mascot / logo of the studio – wreaking havoc on the stages of your free-to-play air combat MMO

What’s new in the BioWare store

BioWare has shown quite a bit of humor with their joke for April Fools’ Day, adding this extra-large pillow that you can sleep on while spooning with Garrus Vakarian, the charismatic turian from Mass Effect. Why? Well, because it is a subtle nod to a popular comic strip that quite accurately defined the reaction of fans to the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3.

Tak Fujii stop being extreeeeme

Tak Fujii’s joke, despite recalling Konami’s epic conference at E3, is not particularly funny, but it is fantastic news as it shows that the Ninety-Nine Nights 2 designer continues to maintain his trademark good humor while trying to overcome cancer. . We are all with him, without a doubt.

Will quit being extreeeeeeme.

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The date sim of the Crimean Prosecutor General

Natalia Poklonskaya, the young and attractive prosecutor from Crimea, became a phenomenon on the internet a few weeks ago, when the situation in Ukraine began to stand out in the news around the world. He has starred in memes and, beware, a lot of manga artists have also become a muse, for reasons that escape every hint of logic. JAST, a company dedicated to the importation of visual novels, hentai games and other products destined for solitary otakus, presented My Girlfriend is the Prosecutor-General, a date-sim with a protagonist clearly inspired by Poklonskaya, which seems to be beginning to be a little tired of this newly acquired fame. Seeing this, with good reason …

Pokémon invade Google Maps

Google is another of the companies that tends to work very hard on April Fools’ Day jokes, and this year has been no exception. If a couple of years ago they surprised us by transforming Google Maps into an 8-bit Dragon Quest, this time they have introduced hundreds of Pokémon in their map service. You can use your iOS and Android smartphone to capture the 150 Pokémon that are scattered around the world, some much closer than you imagine. In the Sagrada Familia, just one block from our office, we have a Togepi and a Dragonite.

The return of Phil Fish

I admit that this has me disturbed: when Phil Fish announces his return and resumes the development of Fez 2 I do not know if he is making a joke, he is viciously trolling us or even if he is serious. Or maybe all of it at the same time.