Some users have illegally streamed football matches through Twitch whose brokerage rights were owned by the Rambler Group. This caused the galiba.

Rambler Group (the third largest internet service provider in Russia) is just looking to sue for a Premier League match being streamed illegally through the site. Rambler claims that this has violated the company’s exclusive streaming rights roughly 36,000 times and is therefore seeking nearly $ 2.9 billion in damages.

However, an even bigger problem than the money is that the service was blocked in Russia. The gaming community there is understandably not happy, as Haji Makhtiev, the founder of a Russian gaming media company, said:

“Twitch and YouTube are the two main social platforms in the community. If we lose access to Twitch, YouTube could be next.”

Part of the case is that Rambler will have a hard time making a real case out of this. On the one hand, the company has to prove one by one, all 36,000 times, and on the other hand, even if it succeeds, it will still be difficult for them to raise $ 2.9 billion from a U.S. company. A Twitch spokesman said:

“We only offer one platform, we don’t expose our own content, and we can’t change the content that others upload, we can’t track violations of the rights of others.”

The Twitch representation added that the Rambler could not present any more serious evidence, just a few screenshots of the site and no dates on them.

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