A screenshot of Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows a final boss

We haven’t heard from Final Fantasy 7 Remake for a long time, but while we wait for things to change at E3 in June, it seems that Square Enix is ​​leaving little clues.

Recently the company has updated the job offers its official website, and has added an image of Naoki Hamaguchi, responsible for the remake, in front of a monitor that seems to show an unpublished image.

In the image, discovered by Twitter user DKHF4, you can see an updated version of the Air Buster, one of the bosses that Cloud, Tifa and Barrett face in Midgar during the beginning of the adventure.

Not that it provides much insight into the current state of development, but it has rekindled hope of seeing the game at the Los Angeles fair. What do you think about it?

A new FFVII Remake image is visible on Naoki Hamaguchi’s computer screen on Business Division 1’s updated recruitment page. https://t.co/eXVJSi5TCg @ aibo_ac7 @gematsucom #FFVIIRemake pic.twitter.com/O698aFoXig

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