Much has been speculated on the possibility that the iPhone 12 that Apple presents this year eliminate the notch. It is not something simple, Apple bets on Face ID and the only way to get an iPhone without a notch is, or reducing components as much as possible to fit in the upper frame as suggested by some leaks, or by placing these components under the screen, something that still seems very difficult.

The design of each new iPhone always arouses a lot of interest, especially if we expect a major change and that is what has happened recently after the publication of a tweet by Ben Geskin. In this tweet you can see an image that appears in the Apple Store itself and in which you see an iPhone with a continuous screen without notch.

Update: after the stir caused, Apple has replaced the image with an iPhone with notch.

An iPhone 12 stored in a backpack?

If we go to the Apple website and look for the Incase ICON Lite II backpack we will be in for a big surprise. In one of the last images that appear we can see the backpack with three devices, an iPad, a MacBook and an iPhone. And what stands out most about this iPhone is its design without notch.

It’s just a render from the backpack company. Apple has nothing to do with it, but funny thing is, that Apple didn’t corrected them

– Ben Geskin (@BenGeskin) February 13, 2020

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After the publication of the tweet the rumors have been unleashed, but as Geskin himself has said, this This is not any kind of confirmation of the design of the iPhone 12 or anything like that. It is simply a render made by the company that sells the backpack, which probably not even Apple itself has noticed this detail.

What there is no doubt is that it is something very curious that on Apple’s own website there is an image of a supposed iPhone without notch With a design similar to what we expect from the new iPhone 12. However, we will have to wait for new information and if you see this image shared on social networks do not fall, it is not a supposed iPhone 12.