DesMephisto is a world record holder, speed-leveling champion and self-appointed representative of the warrior class. All this in order to spread the challenges of autism in the world.

When someone reaches the maximum level in World of Warcraft, they usually start the endgame grind, and that’s when people tend to start altoes as a hobby for some enjoyable leveling. DesMephisto plays the game a little differently, he prefers to max out 49 warriors, so each race and gender combination already has a character.

He especially enjoys leveling, his hobby is to find routes and solutions as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a result, he has several records: he currently has the fastest leveling time from 20 to 120 (18:29:42), and he also holds the unofficial record in Shadowlands alpha with 12 hours. For now, he expects Guinness to recognize the record for the longest World of Warcraft game with 36 hours, which he also streamed on Twitch.

Incidentally, he did not set up these results because he was just bored: he was diagnosed with autism at the age of 29. It was usually stopped as a child, but for him it took a long time, which is why he went through hell. His teachers put him on a “special” instructor program, even though he performed perfectly in school, his outbursts of anger were seen as a simple behavioral disorder when they were actually caused by sensory overload.

“When someone hears that they have autism, they think of a lonely person who doesn’t like people and doesn’t want to be with anyone. But many of us desperately want to belong to society, they want friends. It just doesn’t work for us as for others. I’ve always tried to hang out with others and make friends, but it often ended in beating because I didn’t know I was annoying. ”

He managed to find himself in World of Warcraft. In this world, he felt that his life was not meaningless, where he could see himself as strong, and where he could have friends and relationships.

“MMOs will and will take you to a world where we determine our value ourselves. It’s a very rewarding experience of what we become.”

This experience is what makes DesMephisto love to level up and what made him fall in love with World of Warcraft. Since then, with all of his published records, his Twitch stream, and his forum post, he has sought to draw the community’s attention to autism and the fight that goes with it. While fighting for recognition, he also made his way to BlizzCon (after a lot of collecting), where he was approached by Blizzard security chief Mark Adams after an attack.

“Such crashes don’t happen on their own, there is usually some reason behind them. In this case, DesMephisto was sensory overloaded from the onslaught of the opening day, and our security guards didn’t know how to handle it. I have a family member with similar problems, so I touched the situation. “

Mark and DesMephisto have been talking ever since, and Mephisto provided plenty of very helpful advice and assistance to the Blizzard team so they could put together a much more inclusive and comfortable BlizzCont ​​the following year. Mephisto has already been invited as a guest by the organizers.

DesMephisto’s story is quite heartbreaking and through it we got to know a player full of heart. If you’re curious about an interview with him, you’ll find his conversation with a PCGamer journalist here, and it’s also worth following his Twitch channel, where he streams regularly.

  • Developer: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Publisher: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: MMO
  • Appearance: 8/14/2018

Battle for Azeroth is the seventh add-on to World of Warcraft, in which Blizzard revives the ancient war between the Horde and the Alliance: two new continents, discoverable treasure islands, selectable subspecies, an RTS-inspired Storm the Warfronts mode, a 120 level limit, and a they offer players a constantly evolving Heart of Azeroth pendant.