Magic Mouse 2 in the battery charging process.

Apple is known worldwide for being a company that pays great attention to polishing even the smallest detail of the design of its products, with results – in the vast majority of cases – absolutely impeccable. However, Apple is not always right with the design of its products, as happened with the Magic Mouse 2 and its method of battery charging.

The charging port for the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is located just on the bottom of the device, so in addition to being aesthetically not very visual, it also makes it impossible for it to be used while charging its battery.

Luckily, a young engineer decided to fix this serious design problem with his own hands and has posted a video showing us how he managed to modify the Magic Mouse 2 so it can be charged wirelessly. Do not miss it!

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This is how he managed to implement wireless charging on his Magic Mouse 2

From iMore they tell us how «DuanRui» published on Twitter the video in which he explained, step by step, the Magic Mouse 2 modification process to incorporate wireless charging into the device.

The charging method of Apple Magic Mouse 2 is very stupid, and now it is modified to wireless charging.

– DuanRui (@ duanrui1205) January 23, 2021

Additionally, it is interesting to add that Apple could be planning to present a new Magic Mouse throughout this year 2021 along with the arrival of new iMac equipment. To be totally honest, it is very strange that Apple created such a particular design When it comes to charging the battery of your Magic Mouse 2. Be that as it may, we are very happy to see how many people are able to change the rules of the game and adapt the devices to their needs.

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