When Apple released the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro one of the most striking novelties was the new camera systems, with which Apple made us recover the illusion for the iPhone camera. The improvements were not only in the rear lens system, as new features were also introduced in the front camera, which now allowed 4K recording at 60fps, a greater angle of view or the “slofies”, selfie videos in slow motion thanks to the fact that this option was now also incorporated. Despite these improvements, it seems that they have not been enough to catch up with their rivals.

The well-known photographic equipment analysis page DxOMark already evaluated the rear camera of the new iPhones, so now it was the turn of the front camera. The recently published tests refer to the iPhone 11, but since both the iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro mount an identical configuration in this regard, the result is valid for both. In case you do not know the specifications of this camera, It has a 23mm angle of view, an aperture of F2.2 and 12mp.

It seems that despite Apple’s effort to improve its front camera, as indicated in the published report, it has not been enough and Although the system is good, it does not manage to sneak into the Top 10 as if they do other equipment such as the Galaxy S10 or S20.

Source: DxOMark

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In the photographic section the negative points have been too burnt highlights, as well as a slightly yellowish skin tone compared to usual. Also, long-distance focus is a bit erratic. When it comes to low-light images, they suffer from a lot of noise compared to the competition.

As far as video is concerned, the subject is better than in the photographic section, recording scenes with good quality and keeping noise at bay, with a good dynamic range and rich and well-saturated colors. However, as in photography, the front camera of the iPhone has problems with the focus that are also patent in this section.

Despite the improvements made in this generation, it seems that Apple still has a way to go to put its selfie camera up to the competition. We hope to continue seeing improvements in this regard with this year’s models, so that the iPhone can stand up to the competition with each and every one of its lenses.

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