According to Windows Latest, Windows 10X could arrive in December, although without support for Win32 applications

For Windows 10X, the version of the Microsoft’s operating system intended for dual-screen devicesWe have been hearing news in recent months but still without an official confirmation informing about a release date. In fact, everything seems to indicate that we will see a version developed for devices with a single screen.

Now and touching the end of 2020, new indications arrive regarding Windows 10X which indicate that the new operating system could begin to see its first compilations at the end of the year, developments that however would not offer compatibility with Win32 applications.

Windows 10X before the end of 2020

As reported in WindowsLatest, Microsoft would be finalizing the development of Windows 10X so that the first compilations can arrive in December. However, despite the rush, they would not offer compatibility and support for using Win32 applications in VAIL containers.

In this way, Windows 10X would allow users use only PWA type applications (Progressive Web Applications) and UWP (Universal Windows Applications), and having to use virtualization through a remote desktop to use Win32 applications.

Apparently and to lessen the impact of this limitation, Microsoft would make PWA versions come pre-installed Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Skype … something that we have recently seen has happened with Edge, when installing applications without user permission.

At the time and to fix the problem with Win32 apps on Windows 10X We saw how Microsoft could opt for a system similar to Sandbox to facilitate the use of this type of development. A solution that seems to have been either abandoned or has not yet been implemented.

We must remember that, as we saw in its day, dual-screen devices are not expected to arrive Before 2021 and from Windows Latest they are targeting Spring 2021, with an in-between time set aside to debug potential bugs before seeing a general release.