Activision | Rumors point to battle royale in COD: Black Ops 4 or Destiny 2

Battle royale mode has taken over the industry while PUBG or Fortnite dominate the genre, the other publishers seem to be attentive or already planning what to do, and one of them is the giant Activision. The company seems to be in the lot of publishers that are already reacting and looking for ways to enter the Battle Royale, although, for now, nothing concrete has been confirmed.

According to the The Wall Street Journal, Activision Blizzard’s profit forecasts went up again as the company presented several possibilities that could motivate further growth.

Hmm, which Activision Blizzard game do you think might get a battle royale mode first?

– Sarah E. Needleman (@saraheneedleman) March 12, 2018

Among the proposals are two new mobile games, the expansion of the Overwatch League to accept more teams and that Activision is aware of the great benefits that other publishers are reaping with Battle Royale.

Taking this into account we can raise 3 possibilities: Activision is making an exclusive battle royale game, which is very difficult. The second possibility would be that the mode would come to Destiny 2. And the third and most likely possibility is that the mode will come in Black Ops 4, which would be very good for the company, and would further increase the community’s hype.