Tuesday, October 20. A fantastic day for Adobe to announce a battery of improvements for its various applications, from the integration of artificial intelligence in well-known products such as Photoshop to the landing of two apps that now cross paths. One of her is Adobe Fresco, which ceases to be the exclusive territory of the iPad to reach the iPhone.

The drawing app has apparently had a successful time on the iPad, where it has become one of the best known of the developer in the creative field, and is now made available to a greater volume of public at the land on the smallest screens of the iPhone.

Free version and Pro version with subscription

Adobe says that the Fresco app it will not undergo changes upon arrival on the iPhone, beyond that its interface is adapted to be operable in panels with a more contained diagonal than that of the iPad. We must therefore expect a very similar user experience, practically identical, to that of the version for tablets plus the latest improvements.

The arrival occurs, in fact, with the jump to version 2.0 of Fresco. This means that the app now receives support for text, different custom brushes and a new smudge brush tool, as well as various more focused pressure sensitivity controls for the iPad but also useful on the iPhone.

Adobe Fresco is a free application for both iPad and iPhone, although it has a subscription version that costs 12.09 euros / month and that includes the use of Photoshop, access to more than 1,000 brushes selected by Adobe itself and 100GB of storage in the company’s cloud. We leave you the download links below.

Adobe Fresco

  • Price: Free with monthly subscription option
  • Developer: Adobe Inc.
  • Download it for iPad and iPhone: App Store

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