The 2023 AGDQ charity speedrun event will not be held in Florida next year or at any in-person location, although the event is proceeding much as it has for the past few years.

The official Games Done Quick Twitter account said it was hosting this year’s AGDQ online because it wanted to provide a “safe and welcoming event,” which it believes it can’t do in Florida.

The 2021 AGDQ event was originally scheduled to be held at a venue in Florida, but since the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the speedrunning charity’s events have moved online. Games Done Quick then cites the state of Florida’s aggression towards LGBTQ+ people and lack of COVID-19 vaccine mandates as reasons it doesn’t want to hold the event in the US state next year. .

Particular mention is made of Florida’s so-called “Don’t Tell” law, which was signed into law earlier this year and prohibits discussion of sexual orientation or gender identities at the elementary level, essentially stopping such discussions around young children.

Games Done Quick then explains how it cannot cover both the cost of canceling its contract with the Florida venue and moving to another location in person elsewhere. Next year’s AGDQ will therefore be online from January 8 to 15.

“While moving to online sales allows us to save on expenses, we still have considerable costs to recoup,” adds Games Done Quick on Twitter. “We are looking to get it back where possible, including community support through Twitch subscriptions. We thank the community for their support!

The AGDQ has been remote since 2021, with another Summer Games Done Quick charity event returning in person after a two-year absence earlier this year in Minnesota.

Last June, SGDQ raised an incredible $3.01 million for the international charity Doctors Without Borders, with more than 120 speedruns showcasing technical skills and game exploitation. the total amount raised by GDQ to over US$40 million since 2010.

Awesome Games Done Quick will not take place in Florida and will return online

The organizers of Awesome Games Done Quick decided not to hold January’s face-to-face charity event, criticizing Florida’s handling of the COVID-19 health situation and LGBTQ+ rights.

As Summer Games Done Quick had taken place face-to-face, it was planned that the winter speedrunning event would too. However, according to what Kotaku has reported, the latter will eventually return to an online format.

“Although we would like to return in person, we have determined that in order to provide a safe and welcoming event for all, it is best that we move away from our originally planned location in Florida,” the statement read.

“Given the state’s continued disregard for the dangers of COVID-19 (including non-mandatory vaccination policies) and increased aggression toward LGBTQ+ people, including the law known as ‘Don’t Say “We don’t think it’s a safe place for our community right now.” The law in question was passed last March by the Florida government and prohibits teaching about gender identity and sexual orientation in public elementary schools.

The contract for the location has been in effect since 2020, but has been suspended due to conditions that the organizers consider unsafe for its participants. Moving the event elsewhere was unfortunately not an option due to the high costs for contract cancellation.

The next AGDQ 2023 will therefore be held online. One hundred fun and outrageous speedruns are planned for the event, which will take place from January 8 to 15, 2023. The funds raised will then be donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Awesome Games Done Quick Will Happen Online In 2023 Because Of Florida Politics

For a little over 10 years, the Awsome Games Done Quick charity event has been raising funds to develop the prevention and early detection of cancer. The speedrunning marathon, which had taken place online for two years due to COVID-19, was ready to return to a physical version in 2023. The location had been found and the contract signed since 2020 and should have been used for the next physical edition. But the Games Done Quick team has indicated that the event which will take place from January 8 to 15, 2023 will be exclusively digital and explains this in a press release. The reasons given are related to the policy pursued by the Republican Governor of the State of Florida.

Given the state’s ongoing disregard for the dangers of COVID-19 (including the mandatory vaccination policy) and increased aggression towards LGBTQ+ people, including the law colloquially known as ‘Don’ t Say”, we do not believe this is a safe place for our community at this time.

The “Don’t Say” law referred to went into effect on July 1, 2022 in the state. It prohibits teaching subjects related to sexual identity or gender identity up to the equivalent of CE2.

AGDQ returns to online-only event due to Florida politics

Games Done Quick has announced that Awesome Games Done Quick 2023 will no longer be a physical event due to issues with Florida politics.

The annual speedrunning event was scheduled to take place in person in Florida next year. However, organizers have now decided to move the online-only event to January 8-15 to make it as safe and welcoming as possible for anyone planning to attend.

Speaking of Florida, the official GDQ Twitter account wrote, “Given the state’s continued disregard for the dangers of COVID-19 (including anti-warrant policies) and increased aggression toward LGBTQ+ people, including including the law colloquially known as ‘Don’t Say,’ we don’t think this is a safe place for our community.”

The account went on to explain that after AGDQ’s pre-pandemic success in 2020, the band made a deal with a Florida venue planning to return in 2021. This obviously didn’t happen in 2021 due to the pandemic, with in-person events postponed until it is safe to continue.

“We explored several options that would allow us to stay in person by moving to a safer location,” GDQ continued. “Unfortunately, the cost required to cancel our contract is too great to justify relocating AGDQ while paying the cancellation fee, and we are no longer in a position to delay our contract. This ultimately led us to put the AGDQ 2023 online.”

The decision to host the event online only will apparently allow the band to “save on some expenses”, but there are apparently still “considerable costs to recoup”. GDQ also asked for help where possible, noting Twitch subscriptions as a potential help avenue, and thanked the community for their support.

AGDQ takes place every January and features a range of speedrunners across a number of games, raising money for various charities such as Doctors Without Borders. No specific games have yet been confirmed for the event, as submissions are still pending.

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