all about the new Mac with Apple Silicon chip

Finally, after about half a year of waiting since the official announcement, we can say that the first Mac with Apple Silicon chip are official. The ‘One More Thing’ event has brought us many new features, so we are going to summarize them all in a list to have a global vision of how the Mac is going to change from today and over the next two years.

All the news from the Apple event ‘One More Thing’

  • The M1 chip is the heart of all the news that we have seen this afternoon. It is the first Apple Silicon in history, present in the 2020 range of laptops and desktops.
  • The new MacBook Air debuts that M1 chip by tripling overall performance, five times graphics performance, and eliminating ventilation.
  • The new Mac mini takes that M1 chip and, recycling its classic design, proposes it as the popular desktop for everyone.
  • The new MacBook Pro has all the advantages of the MacBook Air, but with additional ventilation that allows it to charge more performance while preserving the design.
  • Of course, macOS Big Sur will be adapted to the M1 chip and Apple Silicon architecture from minute one.