Google has a powerful tool that allows recognize animals, objects, translate languages ​​instantly, you can search for products on the Internet just by taking a photo of them and even enables text copying from an image. Do you want to know how to do all that? We explain how to open Google Lens on your mobile.

One of the best applications to recognize everything in front of our noses comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android phones: Google Lens. Just open the application, point the camera, choose what we want to recognize and that’s it: Google Lens will return from a direct translation to the history of the building that stands majestically before us. But how to open the app? Let’s see the ways, both on Android and iPhone.

How to open Google Lens on Android

Lens is included within the Google search application. It is one of their services; alongside Discover and Assistant, for example. It can even be integrated into the camera app, everything will depend on the brand of the phone. Therefore, there are several ways to open Google Lens, all equally valid. Although not as fast when executing them.

From Google Assistant

Google maintains a link to Lens in your personal assistant. Therefore, simply open Google Assistant using the ‘Ok, Google’, holding down the Home button (or sliding from the lower corners if you have the navigation gestures activated), you can run Assistant from its app and also with the buttons on the mobile if you have them configured like this (the power button or the button dedicated to Assistant).

Once you have Google Assistant open, you will see that an icon with a small square appears at the bottom left of the suggestions. Click there and Google Lens will open.

From Google News (Discover)

If you have a mobile with Google news incorporated, which is called Google Discover, you can launch Lens directly from there and with a simple gesture:

  • Open Google Discover by sliding the desktop to the right. You can also dock the Google widget and hit the ‘G’ to run Discover.
  • Click on the Lens icon that appears to the right of the microphone, in the upper search box.

From the camera app

A good part of the manufacturers introduce Google Lens in their camera application. Xiaomi, OnePlus, Pixel, Nokia… Just open the camera app and look for the Google Lens icon on the screen (you may have to activate the function in the settings). Click on that shortcut and you can recognize the scene with Lens.

Use the Google Lens app

Nothing simpler: install the app from Google Play and open Lens like the rest of the applications. Place the shortcut on your desktop where it’s most convenient for you, and you’re done.

Google Lens

From Google Photos

The Google Photos app allows you to identify gallery items with Lens. With this function you can apply any category of Google Lens, although only on the images already captured (not with the camera). To launch Google Lens, open any element of Google Photos and click on the icon in the lower menu, the one that appears next to the editing options.

How to open Google Lens on iPhone mobiles

Google Lens is integrated in Android since it is the search app that offers the service. Like is logic, this does not happen on iOS; A sign that there is no choice but to install Google apps if you want Lens scene recognition on your iPhone.

With the Google app

The Google app for iOS integrate Lens in the search bar, right on top of the news. You just have to click on the icon next to the microphone and the scene recognition service will open.


With the Google Photos app

As with Android, you can also use Lens in the Google Photos app for iOS. Yes indeed, only with the images in the gallery; without losing recognition options since you can use everything from text translation to food search.

Google Photos

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