Alleged list of free games from the Epic Games Store leaks on the net

Epic Games Store has supposedly leaked list of games!

At this end of the year season, Epic Games Store brought the Holiday Sale as a thank you to your consumers and players in general. According to the company, this event allows a total of 15 games to be made available to everyone interested in redeeming them for free. However you will have a time limit to be able to guarantee each title in your library, otherwise you will miss the opportunity. So stay tuned to not miss the next ones!

Some games on this list have already been offered for free on previous days and their respective dates. Also, yesterday we reported here on our website that the game Alien Isolation would be available for redemption until today (22) at 13hr. However, the time limit for rescuing him has passed, now it’s time for the Metro 2033 Redux which will probably be available until December 23rd.

See the possible list below:

12/17 – Cities Skyline
12/18 – Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty
12/19 – The Long Dark
12/20 – Defense Grid 1
12/21 – Alien: Isolation
12/22 – Metro 2033 Redux
12/23 – Tropico 5
12/24 – INSIDE
12/25 – Darkest Dungeon
12/26 – Time in Portia
12/27 – Night in the Woods
12/28 – Stranded Deep
12/29 – Solitairica
12/30 – Torchlight 2
12/31 – Jurassic World Evolution

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