Almost every iPod in history, the Mac G4 Cube and historic merchandising: Apple’s incredible collection in a Coruña home

When I was 19, in 2005, Churches of Gael He bought his first Apple product, an iPod nano. He wasn’t specifically looking for an iPod, he just wanted a portable MP3 player and liked the design of Apple’s products. For three years he used this iPod and never thought about it. In 2008 he discovered the original iPhone, which was never sold in Spain, casually reading Apple sphere, and from there this little obsession has started.

His next purchases were an iPhone 3G and an iPad 2. In 2012, a MacBook Pro and an iPod Video. The ecosystem has been completed with an Apple TV. And after closing this circle, a collection began that already includes hundreds of devices, exhibited in his home in La Coruña as an improvised museum.

A collection which exceeds 100 objects, and which goes up

As with many patriarchs and matriarchs at home on the technological issue, their iPhones were passed from hand to hand in their families until they became too obsolete. And at that time, after about 6 years on average, to the collection. A collection that began as such with the purchase of several iPod Classic.

“These iPod Classic caught my eye because of their design, out of nostalgia, and I bought the ‘(RED) Edition’ from U2. Since then, I have investigated and bought more and more products, ”he explains to Apple sphere via FaceTime surrounded by shelves full of products former. The editor wipes away a tear and never stops asking questions about this wonder. “The devices that I buy new, to use them, I take good care of them and of course I do not sell or throw them away, I keep them with their box and add them to the collection when I no longer use them. «

In this collection there is a lot of money invested, but above all, there is a lot of time. “I started the collection as such at the end of 2015. I spent a lot of time looking for products, comparing them, negotiating them, going to certain places to buy them… I always look for functional products in the best possible conditions ”explains Gael.

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His favorite devices are iPods, and in fact he has all models of all generations except the sixth and seventh generation iPod Touch for a price point. The rest accumulated during this five-year period.

For Macs, by number of models (Apple has launched between 2 and 25 a year for 40 years) and by price, he focused on acquiring a selection of them, not all of them. For example, he wanted a 17-inch iMac G4 – « light bulb » – but he had the 15-inch. When he found the 17th, he sold the little one. Screen.

« I mainly focus on iconic devices. I have the Mac G4 Cube and a G5 which is the latest PowerMac that came with PowerPC. Or the “night light”. I’m also looking for a G3, the colorful one, but in its version Flower power, with patterned flowers, which is very very hard to find. They offered me the normal versions, but I want this one, which is very rare.  »

Image: Gael Iglesias (MrAppleCollector).

IPhones have almost all of them too, and the few that are missing, like the 8 or XS, will be bought later when their price drops. A curve that has also studied:  » Apple products go through a depreciation curve, then, if they stay functional, they re-evaluate themselves. This happened earlier, when the devices were selling for much less. For example, a million units were sold from the first iPod. From there, remove those that went in the trash, those that are broken, etc. The one I have is more valuable now than when it was sold new in the store.  »

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These devices are attached to objects of merchandising from Apple, ranging from an old mug with the Apple logo to two pillows from the 1985 Superbowl Finals, sponsored by Apple and with its logo on the front. He bought them on eBay from a woman in the United States who had kept them at home for decades. And many magazines with covers dedicated to Steve Jobs.

Image: Gael Iglesias (MrAppleCollector).His next targets, if he finds them, are the aforementioned G3 Flower power and the Macintosh 128K or 512K from 1984. « And a little more ». Taking a look at your house is like taking a tour of Apple’s last decades. Even some devices already formerLike the iPod Hi-Fi, there is a presence: it has three, connected to an AirPort Express to get AirPlay 2 and use them as part of the home audio system. And they’re not alone: ​​Gael also owns four HomePods and four Apple TVs.

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This is the B side of this museum former: Gael has over 70 devices connected to HomeKit. Forty are from the Aqara brand, including relays, door sensors, blinds, humidity sensors… The other thirty are made up of four HomePods, four Apple TVs and other devices.

Contrary to what you might think, it doesn’t have a smart bulb. He bet on smart switchesBecause with light bulbs, if your kids or someone visiting the house presses the conventional switch, the connection is lost until someone presses it again. His idea was that his house, aside from connectivity, would work as standard and that there would be no need to explain too much to the guests for them to learn how to use lights or blinds.

Also, no smart bulb has the color temperature it looks for, 4000K, a fairly neutral white. Above is a bluish, cooler white; and below is a warm orange light. In this way, it uses traditional Osram bulbs, 1,500 lumens.

« Home » application. Image: Gael Iglesias (MrAppleCollector).

In his “Home” application – a visual spectacle – he centralized the seventy devices and created various routines and shortcuts. For example, when he says “Hey Siri, it’s time to watch a movie,” his living room TV turns on to show Netflix, all the shades are down, the shades are closed, the lights are off at the except for an auxiliary lamp and some are lit LED strips to create indirect and subdued lighting. In addition, it has a dedicated iPad mini for controlling the whole house from the living room, where it sits fixed to a wall.

With all this at home, we put you in a commitment by asking what object would he save if his house was on fire and he only had time to take one. He hesitates but replies: « The Cube G4It’s very rare and it’s the most expensive thing it cost me. I bought it from a girl in Barcelona for 160 euros, it was a good deal.  »

Gael, in which the daisy leaves the leaves while waiting for a 128K or the Flower power Affordable on eBay, he posts his collection on his Instagram account, MrAppleCollector, where he interacts with other collectors like him, such as a Pole or a Canadian who has absolutely every product sold by Apple in his history. Delirium.