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Amazon opens its Android application store (updated, steps to download the application)

Amazon opens its Android application store (updated, steps to download the application)

Today Amazon has taken the first step so that the platform Android Keep growing. Last week we already mentioned the rumor and today he has just launched his store, with nothing less than 3800 juicy Android apps, some as emblematic and exclusive as Angry Birds Rio.

Amazon.com, and in general all the divisions by countries with Spain just around the corner, it is one of the oldest and most reputable online stores in the world, it is listed on the stock market and sells everything, knowing how to evolve wherever it is proposed.

It’s been over a year since they decided to hit the table and launch their e-book system, which they sold like hotcakes. Proof of this is that not even other more ambitious companies have managed to snatch that position, no matter how aggressive their proposals have been.

He had been testing the Android platform for a while, presenting his e-book application and today he decided to take the big leap. With this store, there are already 2 proposals that we will have to buy Android applications officially. For now, like electronic stores, each country will have its own division.

To download the Amazon application, you will first have to enable it in the Android Market from our account. Right now it is only activated in USA, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. We wish that throughout the day, or days, they activate Spain and the rest of Europe.

Update: Ok, you can download and install the Amazon application by hand. You have to activate the ‘unknown origins’ option that you will find in the Settings / Applications menu of your mobile. The official Amazon address for manual download is:


Then we will meet the following requirements: 1, you need one credit card. two, you need one US mailing address. 3, you need to activate the service 1-click associating it with your VISA and the address of USA. 4, you need the IP from which you try to buy or download something is from USA. By the way, all this can be done from your computer, with the same account that you are going to use in the App Store of your Android. Anyway, it seems too much of a mess unless your eagerness to test and download things can’t wait. By the way, avoid putting download links in the comments because it is prohibited.

What does Amazon bring to Android?

  • Amazon already has a reputation in its customer service system, in payment methods and in the number of registered users. This last detail is very interesting to present to the developers, since surely the commercial conditions will vary. This is already happening in BlackBerry and its different stores, so with Android something similar should happen.
  • To attract the attention of their customers with Android and the registration of new customers, they will put in free app promotion for one day.
  • The system they are going to use so that users can test the apps and then decide will be based on a ‘test drive’ on the web browser, during 30 minutes. In Android Market it is done directly by downloading the final application on your mobile, where they let you try it for 15 minutes, although initially it was 24 hours.
    At first it seems like a very strange system, but it is true that they cannot do anything else. With Android Market you have to use the Google account that activates your Android and of course, it is easy to control the trial period. With Amazon, as it is only an intermediary that does not control those aspects of the mobile, they have had to look for a slightly more strange solution. Hopefully it will convince all of us anyway.
  • They will repeat the payment formula of 1-Click, which consists in that registered users, with the payment card activated, can to buy applications directly just by pressing a button. This system is already successful in the rest of the store Amazon.
  • A very important detail is the developers, what with Amazon they are going to take a 70% profit for each application. Taking into account that Amazon is going to put free applications to promote the store, of an eventually free application the developer will continue to charge 20% of its value outside of promotion.
  • We may be able to enjoy things that are successful in the store, such as app wish lists, user recommendations, and gifted apps. Of course, now the comments of the applications will go hand in hand with Amazon and not the Android Market, so there will be a clean slate on this subject, something that I particularly like a lot because its comments and ratings system always They have served as a reference, I think they are much more critical and truthful than the Android Market comment system.
    If they activate, which I have not yet been able to verify, the wish list system with applications, we will be able to follow up on those that interest us and receive news about promotions when they drop in price, or of new versions, or applications from a developer concrete, or that our contacts or friends give them to us or that we can give them away. In general, it seems to me that the Amazon store gives a review of all the online or electronic stores in the world. Today is just good news for me.
  • I would like to intuit that Amazon impose some kind of QA or tag the apps you include in your App Store. If this were so, they would become unmarked from the debauchery of Android Market, recently questioned, but they would also receive criticism from users, many of them, including myself, chastising the Cupertino platform. I don’t know how your chips will move, but we’ll see that in the next few weeks / months.
  • Conclusion

    No i don’t think Amazon is the competence of Google, because the objective of both is different. Obviously, Google had to create a system to collect and sell the applications of the developers, to promote the ecosystem of its Android platform, but its purposes are only to spread the grace of this platform throughout the planet, distancing itself from the rest of the functions. Amazon, however, is only an intermediary for products and having divisions all over the world, with such prestige and reliability it can only be a flag in favor of Google.

    From Cupertino the news should not have sat very well and they have taken the opportunity to sue Amazon for using the Appstore brand that they had registered for a long time. We imagine the coup of Amazon, changing it for the App Store (application store) to avoid useless tantrums. It seems as if in Cupertino they were resentful with Amazon because they thought they would take away their position as a digital book store and they have been left with the desire, or because they see how an online sales giant supports its main adversary.

    By the way, a detail to take into account, will it allow Amazon that its application store can be installed, even by hand, on Android mobiles and tablets that, by not complying with the Google certification, do not have Android Market? We leave the question in the air so that those interested can take note and comment on it.